About Us

Having spent more than a decade working with C-suite executives, leadership coaches, small business owners and management teams, we have a good understanding of the many pressures faced.

With nearly 20 years’ experience in all aspects of office management and executive support within the hospitality, recruitment and leadership development sectors, TIB Virtual PA Hampshire stemmed quite simply from Annie’s sheer love of being organised and helping others!

We enjoy building a fantastic rapport with our clients, tailoring our support to each individual and priding ourselves on professionalism with a personal touch.

Why TIB Virtual PA?

"I've worked with Annie only since last year, yet already I'd be struggling if she were not there to support, advise and help me to develop my business. Her efficiency and professionalism were clear from the start, but as we have got to know each other better, I've marvelled at her understanding, effectiveness and great sense of humour. In short, Annie has been wonderful to work with and I can thoroughly recommend her to anyone wanting top class virtual PA support."

David Harding
Buisness Growth Specialist
"If you are looking for an Executive Assistant who knows intuitively what you want and need, even before you do, then Annie is it! If you'd like someone who you would happily have communicate directly with your most precious clients, because you trust them to be personable and professional, then she is your woman! I love working with her because she delivers every single time with good humour and reliable efficiency. Rarely do you come across someone with Annie's blend of responsiveness, attention to detail, intuition and great humour. She is simply wonderful!"
Emma J Bell
Author, Resilience Expert, Speaker and Coach
"Annie was a valued member of the team at Vistage and was diligent, professional and cared passionately about doing a great job. She brought great interpersonal skills, strong organisational ability and a willingness to pitch in and operate as part of a team as well as under her own steam. She's a really good allrounder and I recommend her highly."

Ian Lloyd
Talent Attraction, Selection & Onboarding High Growth SMES
"Annie brings focus, energy and proactivity to everything she does. She is extremely organised, has great interpersonal skills and has taken to her new role as a Virtual PA like a duck to water. I highly recommend her."

Steve Macallister
Vistage Chair
"I've worked with Annie for the last 10 years. She is a dedicated, extremely organised, hardworking individual. Annie has a great sense of fun which she brings to the organisation and her work and this attitude makes our tasks so much easier. She is a great help to all our Chairs in getting their groups launched."
Lorna Barker
Freelance Consultant
"Annie is a superb support to me, both in my business and personally. She is hugely conscientious, proactive and efficient. I’d 100% recommend Annie to anyone needing top class support on a 1:1 basis or in a wider role."

Simon Holt
Owner at Croft House Advisors


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